Learning to live with joy during the sunshine and the storms.

You are here because as busy and stressed-out women we long to be closer to the Lord. The good news is that God invites us to take Him off our to-do lists and simply be.

To help you on that journey I want to guide you to live in a simple joy…the joy of Jesus.

I believe more women need to hear that message and believe it. If that resonates with you, would you help us take the message of Simply Joy to more women like you?

We have put together the Simply Joy Bundle (with a donation of at least $35) which includes:  

  • A physical copy of my devotional book, Simply Joy Rain or Shine which includes a study guide within the book
  • Simply Joy Rain or Shine Showers of Power laminated cards with suction cups

Your DONATION is impacting women near and far, thank you! 

An Easter Heart Devotional

This bundle includes a physical copy of Simply Joy Rain or Shine Devotional, a Journal/Study Guide included in the book, and a physical pack of Simply Joy Rain or Shine Showers of Power.

About Simply for Women – a Ministry of the Church Next Door

Simply for Women is a place for you, welcome! I’m Jennifer Jackson and I hope to uncomplicate your faith today. The path to God’s presence is found simply through faith. Most of us know what it’s like to get caught up in the chaos of life, fearing that one more project is going to break us. Are you juggling home, job, family, and health? I get it! Life can be overwhelming. Perhaps you are thinking? I just don’t have time for God right now, maybe later. Walking with God in the midst of it all is possible. In fact, it’s simply the difference between a full life and an empty life. 

“God Invites Us to Take Him Off Our “To Do” List and Simply Be with Him”  Jennifer Jackson

Jennifer Jackson’s Ministry- Simply for Women is a place where the Bible comes alive, prayer is real and stories from other women inspire us to simply keep going on this path toward knowing God and His loving presence. Simply for Women is a ministry that takes faith off your “to-do” list and helps you live more connected with God during every moment of your day. It’s not about check-box living; it’s about doing life simply – simply with God.

About Jennifer Jackson

Jennifer Jackson hosts a daily radio show, Simply for Women. She is a speaker, author, Pastor’s wife, and a women’s leader at her local church. She is devoted to full-time ministry and leading women to Jesus. She walks beside them in support of their spiritual journey. She is energized by watching women grow and change into the beautiful design God has prepared for each of them. Jennifer desires to make the spiritually complicated matters of life so simple that anyone can enjoy more intimacy with God, no matter where they start. She loves mentoring women by helping them discover what God is offering, such as healing, forgiveness, prayer, and freedom. She inspires women to ultimately take His love and encourage others with their God story. 

Jennifer has joyfully served Jesus for over 25 years, led in many staff roles, including international missions, community outreach planner, next-generation coordinator, and women’s ministry leader. She excels in developing teams while serving others. Jennifer and her husband, Pastor Doyle, together with an amazing group of people, revitalized a local church into a growing, life-giving community. For this couple, nothing is more exciting than teaching God’s Word, leading people to Christ, and watching them be transformed by His power.

Contact Simply for Women with Jennifer Jackson

E-mail I want to pray for you and hear how God is changing your life!

Simply Joy Rain or Shine Devotionals

Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.
Psalm 82:3 (NIV)