Speaker, Motivator & Women’s Ministry Leader

Jennifer is a deeply passionate, inspirational, and highly engaging speaker who sparks powerful movement toward God. Women glean from her heartfelt teaching and genuine approach. Jennifer is committed to helping women seek God, know the Bible, and apply prayer in their daily lives. She will get you out of your spiritual rut and on the road to true life change in Jesus.

Speaking Topics

A pretentious, showy life is an empty life; a plain and simple life is a full life. Proverbs 13:7 (MSG)

Simplify Your Spiritual Life

Life is furiously fast and so ridiculously complicated that even our desire for time with God can be overwhelming. Do you ever feel like your faith is just one more added “thing to do” on your checklist? Sometimes we all need a little simplicity even in our spiritual walk. Free yourself from guilt and come discover a pure and simple system for experiencing Jesus at the speed of life.

Simply Series:

  1. Simply Pray
  2. Simply Heal
  3. Simply Beautiful
  4. Simply Go
  5. Simply Peace
  6. Simply Free

Speaking Examples

Jennifer finds joy in sharing what has been laid on her heart! Here are a few women’s events clips.

Women of the Bible Series

Take a closer look at the different dilemmas the women of the Bible faced and how similar they are to the ones we face today. Learn how they trusted God in the midst and were transformed with His strength. Hear from Sarah, Deborah or Ruth from the Old Testament to Mary, Elizabeth, Martha and more in the New Testament. Each Biblical woman offers encouragement to us along our spiritual journey.

The JOY Project!

Learn the four steps to developing the inner character quality of joy and how to experience a joy-filled daily life. Together we will take a deeper look at joy in suffering, joy in relationships, joy in hardships and joy in Jesus!

Additional Projects

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