About Jennifer

Jennifer Jackson is devoted to leading women to Jesus and walking beside them in support of their spiritual journey. She is energized by watching women grow and change into the beautiful design God has prepared for each of them. Jennifer desires to make the spiritually complicated matters of life so simple that anyone can enjoy more intimacy with God, no matter where they start. She loves mentoring women, by helping them discover what God is offering them such as; healing, forgiveness, prayer, and freedom. She inspires women to ultimately take His love and encourage others.

Jennifer has joyfully served Jesus for over 30 years. She has led in many staff roles including; international missions, community outreach planner, next-generation coordinator, and women’s ministry leader. She excels in developing teams while serving others. Jennifer and her husband Pastor Doyle together with an amazing group of people, revitalized a local church into a growing, life-giving community. For this couple nothing is more exciting than teaching God’s Word, leading people to Christ, and watching them be transformed by His power.

She loves to make new friends from a multitude of backgrounds and hear their stories. Joy, people, and laughter keep her going every day! After 30 years of marriage to Doyle, they have two grown sons and fabulous daughters-n-love that keep their hearts overflowing with gratitude and pride.

Jennifer Jackson


My Loves

Prayer  .  Sunshine  .  Bible Reading  .  Flowers
Worship  .  Laughter  .  Poodles  .  Nature Walks


Jennifer will inspire you in the first steps of your spiritual journey. She will help you deepen your understanding of who God is and experience more of Him every day. Jennifer has spoken in Colorado, New York, West Virginia, Ohio, and Kenya. She hosts many women’s conferences on a wide variety of topics, serving young people and women for over 30 years.

Missions Leader

Jennifer loves to go local with a heart for Columbus, Ohio, and a passion for going global. Once a year she leads a team to Kenya, Africa for a widow and orphan conference. This team cares for widows and orphans by providing a medical clinic, food, water, goats, and new mattresses. The orphanage is located on 20 acres of farmland near Mt Kilimanjaro.

Ministry Leader

Jennifer has served people from many walks of life. She delights in feeding the homeless, hugging the hurting and praying for the sick. Witnessing many miracles she has faith for the broken and addicted to receive wholeness from Jesus. No matter where you are today, join Jennifer in prayer, bible study, local mission or even go international to Kenya.